Radha Krishna

There are many artistic depictions of Radha and Krishna. Some are in standing positions, some in sitting and some in dancing. Apparently, they all look as if young couple is in love. It is indeed so. Radha and Krishna represent eternally young divine entities in love with each other.

In order to demonstrate to people Krishna who is 'Parmatma'- 'Purush' himself came in a human form. 'Prakriti' took the form of Radha symbolizing all that is there in the creation. Radha and Krishna with each other simply means that Parmatma (Krishna) and Prakriti (Radha) are inseparable from each other. This is like a silver spoon. Silver and spoon although different but still are inseparable.

Without Krishna we will not be able to see creation (Prakriti) in its reality. We cannot have a cloth without the thread. Cloth and thread although different but still are the same - integral to each other. The oneness of the cloth and the thread exemplifies the aspect of Radha and Krishna.

Krishna, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, is considered a descent of joy, bliss and beauty aspects of the Lord in human form (Anand-avatar). Peacock feather in his crown represents the perfection of beauty that is in all nature. Blue color of his complexion represents infinity: infinite vastness, infinite knowledge, infinite love and so on that pervade every atom of the universe. Gopies (souls), who are engaged in ordinary daily life (world of senses), are called by Krishna. Melodious music flowing through His flute is an eternal call to Gopies (souls) to come to Him.

The intense aspiration is RADHA herself. It is the constant yearning of RADHA, the ever present love, which brings KRISHNA in human form. Among the nine ways of Bhakti a human can express to Lord, RADHA represents the highest way.

Ordinarily, we are not aware of our own soul's longing. We need to awaken our hearts and minds, listen to the call of that inner RADHA, to be one with Krishna(Soul) and his creation. In that state our life becomes true Vrindavana, our consciousness overflows with Krishna, our actions flow from his will.