Ram Darbar

RAMA DARBAR or RAMA PARIVAR is shown with multiple deities: Shri Rama, Shri Laxman, Shri Sita Jee, and Shri Hanuman ji. In some depictions Bharat and Shatrughna, the other two brothers of Rama, are also shown. Almost all temples of Rama have RAMA DARBAR.

Significance. The entire Rama Darbar is a symbolic representation of YOU, your own complete self. You have several parts of yourself: the body, the mind, the intelligence and the soul. The first three are easily identifiable by all. The last one, the soul-the divine spark in us- can be easily inferred. It is the soul that keeps the body, mind and intellect functioning and held together.

Hindus worship one supreme reality (God) but in many forms, or no form, with various attributes of these forms. These deities represent various aspects of God's powers and qualities etc. A better understanding of these forms, decorations on them, things held by them in their hands, things around them, their vehicles etc. will allow us to connect better with these deities, and help us advance in our goals. Ultimately, when thoroughly understood, we realize that these are the powers and qualities hidden in our own self, of our own real self (Atman). By proper control, training and practice of Prana, mind, body and intelligence we discover our own self.

  • Body is represented by Laxman. He is strong, and ever ready to act according to the wishes of Rama.
  • Our intellect is represented by Sita jee. It is purified buddhi that is closest to the soul. Sita jee is totally surrendered to Rama. Similarly, pure intellect is an instrument in the service of the soul.
  • Our mind is represented by Hanuman jee. Hanuman jee is sitting at the feet of Rama and Sita jee, in a state of total devotion and alert and ready to act upon their wishes. Mind that is silent is in service of the pure intellect and soul. It does not wander around nor is distracted by senses; it acts only when directed by higher faculties.
  • Our soul is represented by Shri Rama himself. Rama’s blue complexion represents, like a blue immense sky, infinity. Our soul’s potential is also infinite. It is the soul that is the ruler in the kingdom of body, mind, and intellect. In its presence Body, mind and intellect work as an integrated whole, We must become aware of our divinity by coming in contact with our soul and allow it to govern our life.

So, when the body, mind and intellect are totally in contact with and surrendered to the soul, and allow the soul to direct their functions, our life becomes “ayodhya”, a place without any conflict or tension. Joy, harmony, knowledge and perfection are established in our lives since that are the nature of soul.

So next time you see a temple of Rama Darbar, remind yourself that it is YOU who is represented in those images.